Highscores in X-Orbtek II

I’m currently looking at the options available for high scores in X-Orbtek II.

I figure that for local high scores, you don’t care about beating the 7th placed score. As a result I plan on keeping to one “high score”. When I first build the game it had two modes and then single player and multiplayer versions of those. This lead to four “High Scores” (i.e. one top score per mode). A little clunky but possibly explainable.

However now I’ve gone and expanded that. Effectively I could have 8 different forms of gameplay with 5 difficulty levels, which of course opens up a horrible mess of highscores. “You beat your top single player score on Easy difficulty with Classic orb collection and combat enabled”. Hmmm. I think not.

I’d like to reduce that but should that be reduced to just one highscore or have a couple for specific configurations (eg single player / multiplayer, combat / no combat, classic / survival). My concern is that it may be exploitable and there may be a specific configuration that allows for near unbeatable scores.

Saying that, this is for local highscores only. The goal of a local highscore is to get you trying to better yourself and making the best of any specific unbalanced selection only really applies in the online world. Also if the game becomes popular enough for an exploit to be known, well I’ll take that and address it later. Of course I hope to balance the game as much as I can before release, although there’s only so much playtesting that you can do!

I don’t expect to provide any form of online highscores for the XBLIG version* of X-Orbtek II, in large part because you can’t. Okay, there’s ways to fudge it via P2P communication but I’d rather only implement it if I’m doing it properly!

Anyway… here’s a video:

* As opposed to …?

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