Invertical Delays

Unfortunately the re-release of Invertical may be a little behind schedule.

I had hoped to release the massive new update to Invertical very soon and whilst I’m 99.9% happy with it, there’s a crash bug in the software that I use for developing Invertical that is preventing me from creating new builds & testing. Once its fixed I’ll be able to verify everything is fixed, create a new build and release it. I wouldn’t feel comfortable releasing knowing there’s a couple of bugs that I’d want fixing.I am also travelling for a short while and this will no doubt delay release a bit further. Not much I can do about these hold ups I’m afraid!

Regarding X-Orbtek II, that is in the final stages with the XBLIG version hopefully available in the next few weeks and the PC one around the same time.

Indie games press… I will be in touch soon 😉

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