… and that is why I love the internet

Today’s gaming news has been predominately about Phil Fish and his seemingly sudden departure from the games industry. Whether you view it to be a case of the internet trolls driving a creative talent out or a hot headed action from someone who notoriously flirted with controversy, most people will agree that no one has “won”. It has also led to great debate about the negative aspects of the internet and the hate.

However I’m not writing to talk about that. I want to take a moment to reflect on why the internet is such a wonderful thing for gamers and game developers.

internet is awesomeToday I read an article on the French site Indius about my game Invertical. Lets break down what that means. The high level design for Invertical came to me when watching a music video online, in fact a Japanese music video based on a game. Throughout the development of the game I’ve been helped by people on the internet through tutorials, getting great music for free (I owe the chap behind nosoapradio.us a pint or two!) as well as folk from other countries being able to playtest and give feedback.

Once released I got to read reviews/articles of the game in not just English but German as well. I’ve seen people play the free version and demo through Youtube in languages that I can’t speak (even if I’d rather it was the much improved full paid version :P). Take a second to think about that. In my spare time I’ve created something that a guy in France has enjoyed and then shared that experience online. I’ve been able to come home from a wretched day at work and see someone from Argentina left a positive comment about my game.

Beyond my own games because of the internet and its social aspect:

    • I’ve kept in touch with old friends through Facebook.
    • I’ve tweeted to and had responses from people behind games that I’ve adored for years.
    • I’ve heard and played cool new projects by old friends and colleagues.

I’ve laughed at the hilarious top rated comments on videos.I’ve had a chuckle at some of the bottom rated comments.

  • I’ve seen amusing images of cats and dogs.
  • I’ve discussed tactics and performances of football games, even when stuck in the flat by myself.
  • I wrote a blog about an indie game and got a reply from the developer.
  • I’ve taken part in (and probably ruined >_<) a podcast.
  • I’ve watched videos of sharks and orcas.
  • I’ve enjoyed many a good debate.
  • I’ve seen my “witty” comments pop up on the BBC’s sport site.
  • I’ve played games with two great clans for years, often chuckling my way through an online session for what you might describe as a survival horror game.

… and people want to say the internet is full of hate? I think not. Internet… you rock.

Whilst I usually disable comments due too spambots, I’ll leave them open so if you’ve any thoughts, why not share them?!

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