New ways to buy Invertical

There are some great new ways to buy the puzzle platform game Invertical.

As well as Indievania and IndieCity you can now buy it from two of the most well known sites around! Amazon have introduced digital downloads and Invertical is now available on for just $2.49. USA only though!

Many gamers will be familiar with the site and store “Desura”, probably the second biggest gaming market out there. Invertical is now available for purchase on Desura for £1.99 with options in a range of currencies. Buying on Desura will ensure that you’ll get all patches providing fixes and new content.

Finally if you don’t want to go through a third party client, why not get the direct download? This will give you the installer that can be straight installed.

All the links are on the Invertical page or to the right here. Regardless of where you get it from, Invertical provides hours of great entertainment for next to nothing!


Desura Digital Distribution

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