Early version of Bodmaster available on Android

An early version of Bodmaster has been released on Android! Are your mathematical skills up to the challenge of completing the 16 puzzles currently available.

As the mobile and Facebook markets surged over the past few years, one of the prominent genres has been word puzzles. From variations of Scrabble to anagrams and beyond… there’s been plenty ways to test your

A new look

A new look

language skills with enjoyable gameplay. However there’s not been many mathematical ones and as a freak that has always enjoyed maths, I thought “I should make one”… I did!

Bodmaster is a game where you must identify the segments and stick them in the right order, applying the rules of BODMAS (or BIDMAS). The original BODMASter game was kinda cool to play but oh so ugly. I’ve given is a new look, fixed a few issues and also added saving so that you don’t need to start from scratch every time! This has been released on Android for now, with mobile and HTML5 being the main long term targets.

Android app on Google Play

I’d love to get your feedback! Let me know your thoughts. Also if you know teenagers or even better – people in teaching – please share it with them! If there’s a positive reception then I’d love to add hundreds of puzzles and make a full game out of this.

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