Who doesn’t love a tutorial?

Recently I was playing a demo of a major Nintendo Switch game that was part of an established series. After about 30 minutes I was bored stiff of tutorials. More time was spent telling me things than actually in control. This is not good design.On the same day I played a demo of a re-release of a classic arcade game. Within a minute of launching the game I was enjoying myself and quickly picking up the controls. This is very familiar for traditional retro / arcade games.

Given that Paint It Jack is a relatively simple game, I certainly don’t want to be dragging the user through a long, boring tutorial process. That said, the game is one that I hope will appeal to children and casual players. When looking at mobile games, the typical platform for casual games, it is clear that tutorials are a must. Players might want their hand held a little.

My plan of action for this is to create a series of tutorial screens that will be displayed in between levels. First of all you get given the absolute basics (controls & objective) then before the next level the player is introduced to the cleaners with a simple text screen. Following that there will be screens introducing the pickups, more advanced controls and story. I also plan to throw in a few tips in among the “Fun Facts” to inform the player of techniques.

The “tutorial” screens will be kept relatively simple. All I’d want to convey is the most basic information so that the user is made aware, can absorb the concept and then get back to playing. This would be accompanied by a large bit of artwork, trying to bring some character into the game.

Generally this approach should be relatively hands off, just a click here and there once you’ve read the page. This should allow the player to just play without having to get dragged through a tedious section learning the rather simple gameplay. The player is informed of core mechanics to avoid being sat there pondering “what on earth is going on?” but to be really good at the game, albeit one with a low skill level, players will learn and develop as they play.

My biggest challenge with this is that it is a rather art intensive approach with large images and then a little bit of information. My art skills have always left something to be desired and have previously been a core reason as to why I’ve minimized the amount of story and tutorials in my other games! However rather than being afraid of this challenge, I’ll embrace it. Even if it looks a bit rubbish, hopefully forcing myself to have a go will help in improving my skillset!

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