Hi there. I’m Richard.

I graduated from University in 2006 with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Technology. After this I worked on a small educational game called Music Scenario (also named Upstart Music), which taught young students about working in the music industry and was even demonstrated at UK Parliament!

My first professional job in games was with Realtime Worlds. I started as a QA Tester working on APB, becoming a Senior after about a year and not long after that, becoming an “Associate System Designer” (i.e. junior designer). Whilst the game was a massive flop, it was a valuable and enjoyable experience.

Since then I’ve worked outside of the games industry, either as a test engineer or software engineer. As I still had that passion to create games I started Oxygen Addict and started churning out small games. Whilst I did try the whole self-employed business for a bit, I’ve no expectancy of making notable cash (I lost money with licenses, hardware etc!) so this is purely just a hobby, hence releasing stuff for free! 🙂