Download Paint It Jack

No need to install, just download and run the file!

X-Orbtek for PC

Download and play the full version of X-Orbtek for PC!

SKSP Bundle


  • Elephants Vs Monsters
  • Extreme Koala Super Rescue in Space
  • SKSP Hospital Quest
  • The Gum Ninja
  • Watch Out, Beagle's About!

Download and extract the files to run!

See the ReadMe for more details.

Dan McSpikerton [Windows Installer]

Some call him a loose cannon. Some call him a renegade. A few say he's a really nice guy when you get to know him. There is one thing that everyone can agree on though. You do not mess with Dan McSpikerton.

However it seems that The Anti-Hedgehog League didn't get that particular memo. In a bid to provoke the United Hedgehog Empire they stole the first born son of every hedgehog out there. As they readied themselves for a large scale battle, little did they know that their days were already numbered. Dan McSpikerton was on his way.

Download and run the installer.

X-Orbtek II for PC

Download the full version of X-Orbtek II for FREE!

This MSI installer will provide the XNA redistributables - the framework I used to build it.

Trick or Treat for PC

Download and run the executable to install.

Download Adventures in Text for PC

Play co-op or single player in short text adventures and quizzes.

You will need an Xbox controller (or equivalent) to player.

HexStackIt 2D Installer

Simply download and run the installer! You can play with either mouse, keyboard or a game controller. Using a Xbox controller is the best way to play.

Download The Really Annoying Game

The full version of The Really Annoying Game is now available to download for free!

HexStackIt Installer


Do you gamble on the massive points of a large stack or play it safe and bank frequently in a simple but thoroughly enjoyable game with some great music.

How to Install / Run

Download the and run the installer. You can then run the game from your start menu. You'll get a dialog box that allows you to specify your desired resolution, graphical quality and alter the default controls. The game is also available for as a zip file download.


  • Game controller or mouse for horizontal movement.
  • Controller button 1 (A) or Left Mouse Button to Bank.
  • Controller button 2 (B) or Right Mouse Button to Quit / Return to Main Menu.
  • Controller button 1 (A) or Left Mouse Button to Confirm Selection.
  • Controller button 3 (X) or Left Mouse Button to Change Level (Main Menu).
Captain Getsu: Survivor

Download the free game Captain Getsu: Survivor by Oxygen Addict.

Game controller, especially Xbox, highly recommended!

Captain Getsu Installer

<strong>Fight the evil Lord Tatakai and try to win the affections of the beautiful Princess Akaihime in the retro space shooter Captain Getsu.</strong>

Supports keyboard but use of Xbox controller thoroughly recommended. This version comes with an installer that will install everything nice and neatly with an uninstaller as well. There is also a zip file version available if you prefer.

Money May Care Installer
Download Invertical