Get Mi Haem

A game to celebrate whisky!

On World Whisky Day 2012 I was inspired to make a game based upon my favourite alcoholic drink, whisky. But what should this game entail? Originally I thought maybe a puzzle or reflex game where you mix ingredients, but getting that right would be a nightmare and I’d hate to upset people… so instead I made a game about getting a drunken Scotsman home before the hangover kicks in. Perfect.

Use the arrow keys to move. Make sure that you keep picking up whisky to avoid a hangover but a fine gentleman can’t be seen puking up so take water and coffee to keep yourself going. Watch out for cars and make sure that you don’t bump into the police!

Note: Whilst the game is classed as finished, it is kinda crummy. After all it was only a made quickly whilst enjoying Laphroaig.

Get Mi Haem

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