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Invert your colour to keep on climbing.

Some people call Simon a bit of a square but he has a real passion for reading, learning and most of all exploring.

This platform game requires the player to invert their colour between black and white in order to land on the appropriate blocks. Get it wrong and you’ll go falling through the environment.

Money May Care

A new wave of diseases are hitting the UK and threaten to wipe out the population. We need a solution. We need May Care.

This is where you come in. Take on the role of a heroic pharmaceutical company that is selling medicine to help fight the diseases.

Adventures in Text

A series of multiple choice text adventures that can be played with friends on PC.

Three short adventures.

  • Explore the world of Aeski
  • Try to escape The Locked Room
  • Survive an interview for the School for Gifted Demons

X-Orbtek II

Collect orbs and battle enemies in the twin stick shooter, X-Orbtek II.

You can play single player or local multiplayer, battling it out with a few friends in this addictive game.

More Games

Captain Getsu

Battle the evil Lord Tatakai’s empire as the heroic Captain Getsu in this top down retro shooter with a unique twist.

Change your colour to match your foes and deliver more damage but be warned, that will only attract more enemies! In addition to blowing up asteroids, blasting enemy ships and destroying planets you’ll also be rescuing friends and courting the beautiful Princess Akaihime.

Captain Getsu: Survivor

Captain Getsu: Survivor takes the general gameplay concept from the original Captain Getsu, a top down shooter where you switch colour to deliver more damage, and applies it to a horde survival game in a small area. There’s a lot more colour as your weapons grow in power creating a much more vibrant game.


Collect points by collecting stacks of hexagons then banking when the time is right.

A simple game familiar to Audiosurf fans but instead of hitting everything in sight, players only earn points when they bank and the longer you leave it, the greater the bonus! Features some awesome music by Deceased Superier Technician.

Paint It Jack

The Squiddles have a love of colour and can absorb paint to colour themselves however they wish. It is a fashion statement. It is a cultural statement. Except for Jack. Poor old Jack can’t retain any colour and found verself leaving the world around ver in a blaze of vibrant colours but Jack was as dull and grey as the day ve was born.

Jack is on a mission to using vis gift to colour the dull grey world they ve lives in.

The game revolves around picking up paint and colouring your path and objectives throughout the level. There’s some critters that wander around, cleaning up your paint along with some that want to take a nibble out of you.

Paint It Jack

The Legendary Tales of the Heroic
Dan McSpikerton

Some call him a loose cannon. Some call him a renegade. A few say he’s a really nice guy when you get to know him. There is one thing that everyone can agree on though. You do not mess with Dan McSpikerton.

However it seems that The Anti-Hedgehog League didn’t get that particular memo. In a bid to provoke the United Hedgehog Empire they stole the first born son of every hedgehog out there. As they readied themselves for a large scale battle, little did they know that their days were already numbered. Dan McSpikerton was on his way.

The Really Annoying Game

Retrieve gems using four irritating characters, each with their own unique personalities and abilities. 

The game is a little tongue in cheek and mocks some of the more infuriating aspects of modern games in the form of a puzzle game. The gameplay is centered around the four characters who have their own behaviours, based upon their annoying personalities.

Trick or Treat

Living in the land of Treat is wonderful. There’s cakes, chocolate and ice cream in abundance. Unfortunately getting around isn’t all that easy. Sometimes the only way is to switch to the Trick dimension where ghosts, skeletons, witches and other evil characters are out to get you.

Can you switch between dimensions to find all the items in this platform game that combines exploration and puzzle solving?

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Retro style game collecting orbs as fast as possible.

The player must collect orbs, which slowly shrink before disappearing. If all the orbs disappear it is game over but if you collect one then more are spawned. To provide an extra bit of challenge the player must avoid enemies that are either static, mindless drones or stalking the player.There are also powerups that the player can collect to help them reach orbs in time, or avoid enemies.

Unpublished Games

Avatar Runner

Originally released on Xbox Live Indie Games but this store is now closed.

Take a chilled stroll down the beach or sprint through a nightmare world in Avatar Runner.

Aye or Naw?

A game based on the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014.

Get Mi Haem

It was World Whisky Day and I was drinking whisky and decided to make this. I apologise completely.


I challenged myself to make and release a game for Xbox 360 within a weekend. I succeeded. Kind of. You just mashed the buttons to win.

Taxi Rivals

I had an idea for a pass and play style mobile game where you blind bid to have the lowest fare but still make profit. My art work was just too terrible though so I never bothered building the gameplay.