Recently several of my websites were hacked, leading to redirects to dodgy scammers. What a bunch of gits!

Having tried to fix the issue several times, it barely lasted a day until it was taken down. Unfortunately I declared defeat and decided to start over from scratch and have put together a new site.

Check out the new Games page, where you’ll find all my games, with a few of my favourites, and most recent release Money May Care, in the featured list then most my other games with downloads & links. There’s also a Downloads page if you want to skip the images and just download a bunch of free games. Some games have their own pages and in time with notable releases I might even get more creative!

In other news, at the same time Apple, Google and Hunted Cow have been pulling a bunch of my games from the app stores (its been a very disheartening month!). For the most part I just need to rebuild with the latest libraries so hopefully I’ll get them back up online soon! However you’ll find some of these in my “Unpublished” list.

Unfortunately my most treasured game, Invertical Touch can’t be republished by myself so we’ll have to say good bye to Qube. RIP little buddy. I may never have got paid the money I was due but it was a blast working on you.


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