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  • Games Shrine Developer Interview
    I talk to Games Shrine about what got me into games and how I love simple, clean games
  • My favourite resources

  • GameMaker
    I use this to create most of my games
  • Invertical Review –
    Read this review of Invertical by the German site Check out some of their other articles as well because they cover a great range of games!
  • No Soap Radio – Deceased Superior Technician
    Great music that has had a major positive impact in my games
  • Previews, Reviews and Articles

  • Games Shrine "Get addicted to X-Orbtek via your browser"
    X-Orbtek can be a truly addictive game but you don’t need to take my word for it!
  • Games Shrine "The videogames that I have liked more than all the others in 2012" feat. X-Orbtek
    X-Orbtek is listed as one of the favourite games of 2012 for Games Shrine writer Matt Suckley
  • Indie Game Magazine: Top 5 Pick-Up-And-Play Indie Games (X-Orbtek)
    X-Orbtek is listed as 4th in the top 5 pick up and play indie games for PC
  • Invertical Review – The Indie Game Magazine
    Read how Invertical has a simple yet charming feel with an unique gameplay twist
  • WraithKal's “X-Orbtek” Review: Collect Orbs and Chase High-Scores, Old-School Style
    Old school retro action certainly still does have its appeal
  • X-Orbtek II Heading to Xbox 360 – Indie Game Magazine
    Indie Game Magazine explore the teaser video
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