Privacy is very important. To avoid complexity, Oxygen Addict does not specifically gather any personal data from you. No information relating to you will ever be sold or provided to a Third Party by Oxygen Addict.

General Policy

This website is hosted by WordPress, which provides me with page visit statistics and download counts. You are not specifically identified. Oxygen Addict does not permit logins, comments or any other personal data to be provided by the user. Additionally my web hosting comes with advanced analytics on visitors. I can see IP addresses, which tells me countries of origin, which pages you visited and referral URLs. This information is used to make myself feel sad about the low traffic.

General Game Policy

Oxygen Addict does not specifically gather any personal data. However the stores used to distribute games typically provide a developer panel with statistics on download count, countries of origin, devices and operating system versions. You are never personally identified. This data is not stored, sold or managed by Oxygen Addict.

Several games will store data on your device. This is limited to high scores and save data to allow saving progress. Oxygen Addict cannot access this information.


Android Games / Google Play

The following permissions may be used:

  • SD Card access: My understanding is that this lets you install apps/games on a SD card. I enable this because I think it is a beneficial to the user.
  • Network: Links to this website, or the publisher if applicable.

No other permissions ought to be used. Should this be the case, please let me know and I will remove them ASAP.


X-Orbtek allows login to provide public highscores. If you provide a username & password it is stored in a database managed by Oxygen Addict. You should not use this feature. It will be shortly removed.