Raising money for sick kids

I am raising money for charity through games by participating in the Sick Kids Save Point 24 hour gaming marathon. On top of this I spent a weekend making small games based on ideas from those who donates, including 25 hours of non-stop game dev! You can download these below for free. I’ll also be doing a 24 hour gaming marathon as well, including playing my own games. The final piece of the fund raising is that all earnings from Oxygen Addict games in 2012 will go to charity. If you spend a couple of quid on the games below then that money (minus Paypal fees) will go to SKSP!

Donate on JustGiving – https://www.justgiving.com/oxygenaddict/

Download the SKSP games individually or as a bundle

Buy games with all revenue going to charity

  • [purchase_link id=”892″ text=”Captain Getsu Special Edition (£1.30)” style=”button” color=”slate”]
  • [purchase_link id=”905″ text=”Captain Getsu: Survivor (£1.30)” style=”button” color=”purple”]
  • [purchase_link id=”947″ text=”Captain Getsu Bundle (£1.75)” style=”button” color=”black”]
  • [purchase_link id=”901″ text=”HexStackIt (£1.00)” style=”button” color=”slate”]
  • [purchase_link id=”882″ text=”Invertical (£1.50)” style=”button” color=”slate”]
  • [purchase_link id=”903″ text=”The Really Annoying Game (£1.50)” style=”button” color=”green”]
  • [purchase_link id=”956″ text=”X-Orbtek (£1.40)” style=”button” color=”black”]
  • [purchase_link id=”963″ text=”Buy X-Orbtek + Devster (£1.40)” style=”button” color=”black”]

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