On Saturday 12th October through to Sunday 13th I will be taking part in the 10th SavePoint, a 24 hour gaming marathon, along with my wonderful wife. We are raising money for the Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity.

We’ll be playing Pokemon GO for several hours, playing Mario Kart together and some solo gaming. I’ve some retro consoles like a NES Mini and also my Xbox One for more modern gaming. We hope to play through every console in the house during the 24 hours.

But that is probably not why you’re reading this post. For I have a free game for you to play, using Invertical’s gameplay and a SavePoint theme. Can you go collect donations and deliver them to doctors to help take care of sick kids. You can play in a browser (recommend you press F11 to go full screen) or download it.


Play Invertical SavePoint in a browser

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