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Help test Captain Getsu: Survivor

A week ago in some spare time I put together a prototype of a game called “Captain Getsu: Survivor”. It features the controls system that I really wanted to put in the original game but as different controllers behave differently, didn’t. However in the new game I’m looking to provide lots of support. The game itself again involves matching your colours but instead enemies just fly about and you dodge & shoot them. Of course this isn’t the finished project, but I’m releasing the prototype for testing purposes.

If you have a game controller then please download the game, have a go and see how the game handles your controller! Help on playing the game is available HERE and I’ve also got a feedback form HERE.

Download the demo here:

Fill out the form here: Feedback form

Many thanks in advance. You’re help is really appreciated.


p.s. Hopefully in the next week I’ll be able to post some screenshots and maybe even the demo!